Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2016


Verdens seilfotografer har sendt sine beste bilder til bedømming og nå skal årets seilbilde 2016 kåres. Publikum inviteres som vanlig til å dele sitt syn på hva som er årets bilde og du kan avgi din stemme her… Som vanlig ektremt mye bra for oss som er glad i båter og sjø…

Melgesklassen kjører hardt i Vest

Melges-klassen har normalt sett hatt sitt kraftsenter i indre Oslofjord og uthavn i Hankø, men de siste årene har aktiviteten på lokalt plan falt litt sammen – med unntak av NM som fortsatt samler mange båter. 

Nå viser Sørvestlandet tegn til å ta over tronen og 17 deltagende båter i regionscupen Java Cup er sterkt for en region som normalt ikke har hatt de store entype-feltene. 

Med god tilgang på brukte båter til en rimelig pris burde det meste ligge til rette for enda flere båter i 2017?

Melges Norge er nå delt i 3 distrikter: Østlandet, Trondheim og Sørvest.

Sørvest dekker alt fra Bergen til Kristiansand.


I år ble var det 5 regattaer som inngikk i rankingen som har fått navn av hovedsponsoren: Javacup.

Det ble seilt til sammen 43 seilaser med regattaer på Askøy, Farsund, Stavanger, Haugesund og Sotra.

Det var 17 båter som tilsammen deltok i denne rankingen.

Antall båter strømmer til Sørvest regionen og aktiviteten ventes å øke i 2017.


Javacup har laget en egen nettside og satser på å være samlende for fem seilaser også neste år.

Det legges vekt på å få bilder og video fra seilasene, samt å lage en sosial ramme rundt alle arrangementene.

Seilerne skryter av opplegget og gleder seg til neste år. 


Andre filmer er:

2016 52 Super Series | Full Highlights

After the five regattas and 45 non-discardable races that comprise this season’s, 2016 52 SUPER SERIES, Quantum Racing lifted the overall title with a comprehensive margin of 59 points over second placed Azzurra. On the last day of the season, Niklas Zennström’s Rán Racing won a very close four-cornered battle for third place and was also crowned top owner-driver.

Quantum Racing won four regattas – Scarlino, Puerto Cervo, Puerto Portals and Mahón – including the 2016 world championship title in Mahón, Menorca. Any possible clean sweep of all five regatta titles was halted last week in Cascais, Portugal when the resurgent Azzurra secured the regatta win of the season.

The 52 SUPER SERIES has gone from strength to strength in 2016. Thirteen different TP52 teams representing eight different nations competed over the course of the season, with boats from France (1), Germany (1), Great Britain (3), Italy (2), Russia (1), Sweden (1), Turkey (1), and USA (3). Crews new to the 52 SUPER SERIES this season included Peter Harrison’s Sorcha (GBR) and Richard Cohen’s Phoenix (USA). The circuit visited two venues that were new to the class, Scarlino in Tuscany where the circuit started in May, and Maóon, Menorca where the world championship – the fourth regatta of the year – was sailed in a wide range of conditions.

In cooperation with sustainability partners 11th Hour Racing, the 52 SUPER SERIES continued to make considered, regular advances at each regatta, in terms of the support and activation of the teams, developing new initiatives and mapping out future ideals and goals which have been signed up to by all the teams. Strong and popular support was garnered from local sailing youth groups at each venue, the young sailors also enjoying the interaction with some of the top pro sailors in the world.


After nine new boats were launched in 2015, the level of competition took an immediately obvious step up this season. A week of pre-season training in March in Valencia for five boats was a clear indicator that teams were keen to make sure they started the season strongly. This was further underlined by a nine-boat entry for the pre-season warm up event, Gaastra Palma Vela.


So Scarlino witnessed the fleet at full bore, optimised and sailing at their best from the get-go. Ten boats raced an eight race series. Four different boats led the regatta, before Quantum Racing – with Ed Baird steering – won by six points.


Puerto Cervo for the Audi Settimana delle Bocche saw a real mix of conditions, climaxing in a 20-22kts finale. With Doug DeVos returning to the helm of Quantum Racing, the American-flagged team went two in a row.


At Puerto Portals Sailing Week in Mallorca there was no stopping Quantum Racing either. Azzurra continued to work relentlessly to close the gap and there were signs that the balance was being redressed.


The 52 World Championship represented a chance to bid for the coveted stand alone title, to break free of the hierarchy that was starting to be established. The battle for third and fourth places for the season was hotting up with very little to choose from between Rán Racing, Provezza, Platoon and Bronenosec. Menorca proved a very popular venue offering a warm welcome; great, open racing conditions; and a pleasant pace of life ashore.


Cascais was the climax of the season. With two racing days still to go, Quantum Racing converted their big lead to their third title in four years, adding 2016 to 2013 and 2014. Between Menorca and Cascais, Azzurra won nine races and secured the EGNOS 52 SUPER SERIES Cascais Cup on the last race, leaving Quantum Racing to second place.


2016 52 SUPER SERIES Final Overall Standings
After 5 regattas:


1 Quantum Racing, 140 pts
2 Azzurra, 199 pts
3 Rán Racing, 241 pts
4 Platoon, 245pts
5 Provezza, 248 pts
6 Bronenosec Gazprom, 251 pts
7 Sled, 275 pts
8 Alegre, 283 pts
9 Gladiator, 342 pts

Volvo Ocean Race varmer opp med Fastnet Race

Volvo Ocean Race fortsetter å slippe spennende nyheter..

ALICANTE, Spain – The Fastnet Race, one of the most revered and feared tests in sailing, and a new Lisbon-Alicante Prologue will both feature in an intense period of pre-race qualifying for the Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 – serving as a first clash of the fleet while providing an early form guide for the fans.


In the sixth of a series of 10 major announcements in 10 days, Race Management outlined a number of mandatory qualifiers before the start in Alicante, Spain, in October 2017 – including provisionally a transatlantic test for all the fleet in June or July.


In August, the fleet will assemble for Cowes Week in the Isle of Wight, UK for ‘Leg Zero’, which will include the 600-mile Fastnet Race.


The Rolex Fastnet Race – always unpredictable – will take the teams from Cowes, through the English Channel, around Land’s End and out into the Celtic Sea. After rounding Fastnet Rock off the southwest coast of Ireland, they race on from Plymouth. The boats will then race from Plymouth to Lisbon, Portugal to complete Leg Zero.


Teams will then tackle a brand new Prologue race from Lisbon to Alicante, where they will remain until the start of the 2017-18 edition.


France’s Charles Caudrelier, who skippered Dongfeng Race Team in 2014-15, commented: “You train for months, alone, and so it’s good to be able to do more racing as a team before the start. It’s very different, racing under pressure, than training, and good for boat testing.”


“I’ve done a few Fastnet Races, some were windy and some were light. It’s a nice course, very fun and interesting to sail around the coast, with the effect of the currents. It’s a good test and a very dynamic race, with interesting weather.”


He continued: “In two or three days, you have a lot of decision-making to do, so it’s good to test not just everyone’s speed but also taking decisions quickly under pressure.


“And of course, you get to see which teams are stronger.”


Many Volvo Ocean Race teams have used the Fastnet Race as part of their preparations but it has never before been a mandatory qualifier.


The maxi yacht Drum, preparing for the 1985-86 race, famously capsized during the Fastnet and pop star Simon Le Bon was among the crew who had to be rescued by the Royal Navy.


Richard Mason, four-time Volvo Ocean Race veteran and now Operations Director for the Race, said: “It’s super important to be doing these miles, at the right time of year.


“It’ll provide some awesome hours on the water for the teams, and that’s where they’ll learn the most – getting out there in the middle of the ocean, and getting amongst those weather systems, in a race that no sailor would dare take on lightly.”


He continued: “The Fastnet Race is on the bucket list of every ocean racer in the world. It’s famous for being very tricky and coastal. You can have no wind, you can have enormous amounts of breeze, and vicious seas, out near Fastnet Rock, it’s navigationally and tactically challenging, you don’t get much sleep. It’s the perfect race – an amazing thing to be a part of.”


The seven existing Volvo Ocean 65s are currently undergoing a stringent re-fit process at the race’s Boatyard facility in Lisbon, Portugal, and an eighth boat is currently being built.


The Race will start in Alicante in October 2017 and finish eight months later in The Hague in summer 2018, visiting a total of 11 landmark cities.

Storm Capital Sail Racing vinner Mesternes Mester og Kongepokalen 2016

Foto: Norges Seilforbund


Mesternes Mester og kampen om kongepokalen gikk fredag og lørdag i Åsgårdstrand og etter alt å dømme var det en suksess å flytte seilingen ut av Oslo. Når man skal kåre Norges aller beste seilere på tvers av klasser må man ha forhold som ikke gir tilfeldighetene for mye plass og Åsgårdstrand ser ut til å ha fungert perfekt som arena i så måte.

Bra med vind og perfekte forhold for J/70-seiling begge dagene skapte rammer for seilasene som ser ut til å ha skapt fornøyde seilere – det er stort sett bare positive reaksjoner og spore. Det er også godt å se at man endelig seiler med kliss like båter: J/70’ene er til forskjell fra båtene man har seilt de siste årene kliss like og man kommer ikke så veldig langt med å skylde på utstyret..

Etter at halve feltet ble luket ut på fredagen var 10 lag klare for semifinaler på lørdagen, som igjen ble redusert til et finalefelt bestående av 6 båter. Verdt å merke seg at 4 av 6 båter i finalen var såkalte Wildcards. Seilforbundets spesielt inviterte gjorde med andre ord ikke skam på invitasjonene de hadde fått tilsendt…

De seks lagene som fikk plass i de tre finaleseilasene var Wolfpack Racing (Thomas Nilsson), Team KNS (Kristoffer Spone), FRAM (Kong Harald), Storm Capital Sail Racing (Peder Jahre), Jolle-landslaget (Mathias Mollatt) og Norgesmester i Laser 4,7 (Olai Hagland).

Kanskje ikke helt overraskende var det de to aktørene som har ledet an i sportsbåtseiling de siste årene som skulle fighte til siste slutt. Kristoffer Spone fikk plassen til Mesternes Mester gjennom å vinne Seilsportligaen og tok også Champions League-tittelen i J/70 i fjor. Peder Jahr og Storm Capital Sail Racing har på sin side vært jevnt over blant de 10 beste Melges24-lagene i verden de siste 10 årene…

Kampen om Kongepokalen skulle ikke bli avgjort før siste lens der Storm Capital Sail Racing rundet rett bak Team KNS, på siste toppmerket. Koffer & Co valgte en tidlig jibb og så dermed ut til å ta en liten risiko ved å gi Storm separasjon i banen. Team KNS fikk dermed også en ekstra jibb, noe man helst ikke vil ha i planende sportsbåter. På toppen av dette mistet Koffer og CO spinnakeren noen sekunder bare sekunder før målgang og dermed lå veien til mål åpen for Storm Capital Sail Racing.

Mesterens Mester-tittelen og Kongepokalen 2016 går dermed til Peder Jahre, Stian Briseid, Sivert Denneche og Marius Falch Orvin. Grattis!!!!